About Us

 Mamanu was born from the necessity of sun protection for Hawaii raised babies and children.  Owner and creator, Anna Karsin, began designing and sewing hats when her daughter was just a few months old and afternoon beach trips began.  As the hat styles grew and diversified for the children of friends and family, clothing was added to the Mamanu lineup.  Anna patterns her pieces by hand based on true vintage baby clothing styles, but adds modern simplicities (yep, it's all washer and dryer safe, zipper free and adjustable for long wear).  The colors and prints are chosen for their youthful nostalgia as well as their organic and sustainable manufacturing practices.  The fabrics come from certified organic Indian cotton farms and get softer with each wash while retaining color and shape.  The mamanu team is made up of Anna's family and friends, a true grass roots effort with her brother and mom on technical, surf pal/seamstress and play date friends on all fashion advice and marketing.  We hope you enjoy shopping our adorable baby and kid gear, and remember, a baby can never have too many hats!